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: Dare to be different in the digital content stakes! It's sometimes hard to see how best to ensure your digital content gets noticed. Bearing this in mind, the Webpublication flip book really comes in handy. You can now create your own online brochure just the way you want it. On top of its ease-of-use, the extensive suite of operational features available will be much appreciated by all your users. These encompass full screen mode, zoom options, slide shows and more. If you're after real interactivity, however, there's nothing like incorporating rich media into your brochures. You'll even be able to display your interactive pdf on ipad and enjoy rich media such as video, flash animation and sound on the move! Versatility is crucial too, so creating a product flexible enough to be emailed, saved to flash drive or DVD or embedded on a website is a real boon. To top it all off, a unique statistical tool will give you insight into your readers' navigational choices!

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